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Did you know that Acid-2-Alkaline TM, Supa Herbal Greens TM, Herbal-Med-Care TM, PhytoVitamins TM and the Herbal Choice Mari TM brands are 100% vegan, cruelty free, chemical free, additive free and made from organic or wild harvested ingredients. Compare our natural vitamins, green supplements, herbal remedies, organic skin care, hair care, body care, mineral makeup and weight loss products with other brands and you will quickly notice the difference. 

Natural Whole Food Vitamins

Whole Food Natural Vitamins and Minerals

PhytoVitamins TM offers a wide selection of 100% raw organic whole food natural vitamins, natural multivitamins, multi b complex, natural vitamin c, and calcium magnesium supplements. Use PhytoVitamins TM for all your organic multivitamin and supplement needs.

Multivitamins and Single Vitamin Supplements

Select from PhytoVitamins TM 100% whole food vitamins or Vitamin Source TM supplements, which are made in the USA from quality ingredients to GMP standards. The Vitamin Source TM product range includes vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and multivitamin supplements and vitamin b supplements.

Mineral and Calcium Supplement

Take the PhytoVitamins TM 100% whole food minerals or Vitamin Source TM multi minerals, calcium supplements, potassium, magnesium, selenium, chromium, iron, silica and zinc.

Antioxidants and Antioxidant Herbs

We offer well known antioxidant herbs and supplements like alpha lipoic acid, CoQ10, grape seed extract and lutein. Or try our unique herbal antioxidant vitamin formula.

Alkaline Body and Ph Balance

Alkalize Your Body for pH Balance

Acid-2-AlkalineTM is an alkalizing supplement and alkaline powder made from 100% whole food. Support your natural body balance and pH levels with this non-chemical formula. Now you can help balance your body acidity when combined with an alkaline diet plan. This pure all natural alkalizing remedy is supplied with a free alkaline food chart. Try out alkaline remedy today.

Super Green Supplements

Supa Herbal Greens TM is nature's super green food supplement. Available in capsules or powers. Made from 36 different organic super foods including alfalfa, wheat grass, seeds, greens, sea greens and many other super green foods.

Vitamins and Supplements

Digestion Supplements

A selection of enzyme formulas, Acidophilus and Bifidolphilus, probiotics, fiber, digestion aids and digestion supplement.

Amino Acid Supplements

Try our popular amino acid, amino complex and single amino acids such as L-arginine, L-carnitine, L-glutamine, L-lysine, L-tyrosine, acetyl-L-carnitine and N-acetyl-cysteine.

Specialty Products and Protein Powders

Combine any number of products from our wide range of soy protein powders, bee pollen, lecithin, lutein, eye vitamins, phosphatidylserine and similar specialty supplements. protein powders, specialty supplements, soy lecithin.

Essential Fatty Acids

A comprehensive range of omega oil combinations, essential fatty acids, evening primrose oil, cod liver oil, and organic flax seed oil.

Joint Supplements

A combination of joint supplements such as Glucosamine Chondroitin, Glucosamine Chondtroitin, MSM and other bone and joint supplements.

Herbal Remedies and Balms

Pure Organic Herbal Remedies

Herbal-Medi-Care TM offers over 30 unique quality pure herbal remedies including colonic cleanser, diabetic herbs, lung herbs, prostate herbs, mood herbs, detoxification herbs, energy vitamins, memory herbs, liver detox herbs and kidney cleansing herbs. All remedy formulas are vegan, filler free, additive free (free from all man made additives such as magnesium stearate, silica free, stearic acid to name only a few), non-irradiated and made with organic or wild harvested herbs. Now you can select your health supplements and natural health remedies.

Weight Loss Products

Herbal-Medi-Care TM offers a range of natural weight loss products including Supa Slim TM that helps support your metabolism, appetite and sugar cravings and Slimming I  a thyroid weight loss remedy. Best results when combined with a healthy diet and exercise program.

Herbal Ointments and Creams

Use these a all natural based ointments, creams, and herbal ointments for a wide range of common applications.

Earth Mineral Makeup, Organic Skin Care and Natural Body Care Products

Natural Cosmetics and Mineral Makeup

Bella Mari TM mineral makeup is a delicate blend of natural earth minerals, without any fillers, additives or chemicals. This pure mineral makeup is formulated for sensitive skin. See the mineral foundation powder, blush powder, preservative free mascara, natural lipstick and other mineral cosmetics. May be used alone or combined with the Herbal Choice Mari TM facial skin care products.

Organic Skin Care and Facial Skin Care

Herbal Choice Mari TM natural facial organic skin care products made in the USA. Made using absolutely pure and natural ingredients without any man made ingredients or chemicals. With the cruelty free leaping bunny TM logo, including day creams, antioxidant facial wrinkle creams, night creams, serums, facial skin care, facial scrubs, facial masks, toners, cleansers, moisturizers facial skin care and facial cleansing products.

Natural Body Care Products

Use these natural body care products which include chemical free shampoos, conditioners, SLS natural toothpaste, organic toothpaste, mouth wash and bath products.

Aromatherapy Oils

A selection of popular pure essential oils used for massage, relaxation, therapeutic use, bath fun, beauty and skin care. Some oils may even be used for alternative health solutions with aromatherapy oil and aromatherapy bath products.

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* The top 5 brands include: Acid-2-Alkaline TM, Supa Herbal Greens TM, Herbal-Med-Care TM, PhytoVitamins TM and Herbal Choice Mari TM Vegan and Organic Skin Care. Other brands such as Bella Mari TM Makeup may contain earth based minerals and a limited number of Vitamin Source TM Supplements may contain isolate vitamins, minerals, recipients or are not vegetarian.

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Herbal Choice Mari TM
Organic Skin Care and Body Care.
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Bella Mari TM
Pure Earth Mineral Makeup.
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PhytoVitamins TM
Whole Food Organic Vitamins.
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Acid-2-Alkaline TM
Alkalizing Body pH Supplement.
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Supa Herbal Greens TM
Nutritious Organic Green Food.
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Herbal-Medi-Care TM
 Pure Herbal Remedies for Health.
Picture of Lady with Herbs for Herbal-Medi-Care Herbal Remedies Photo of Herbal-Medi-Care Thyroid Help and Femina Libido Remedies
Picture of Young Man Jumping for Vitamin Source Photo of Life Multivitamin and Basic Multivitamin from Vitamin Source Vitamin Source TM**

Quality Nutritional Supplements, Made in the USA to GMP Standards.

** Some Vitamin Source products may be less than 100% natural and contain isolates and exceptions. See specific product page for ingredients. Natural Vitamins, Alkalizing Supplement, Organic Skin Care and Mineral Makeup.
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